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Lantech Stretch Wrapping Machines from Pro-Pac Packaging

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Pro-Pac Packaging  offers a wide range of Lantech stretch wrapping machines designed to suit almost every packaging application.  

Q-300 Stretch Wrapping Machines

Lantech's Q-300 continues to be one of the most recognised stretch wrap machines. Most customers feel that 15 loads per day can justify the purchase of a stretch wrapper.  

However, because hand wrapping is physically demanding on employees, many plants with lower production rates also purchase Q-300 machines.

Q-300XT Stretch Wrapping Machines

The Q-300XT has saved several customers’ hours of fork lift and operator time every day.  

The fork lift operators do not have to wait for their loads to be wrapped or get off the fork lift.  

They start the stretch wrapping cycle with a remote START lanyard switch, and when they are done the film is automatically attached and cut. Customers wrapping between 30-100 loads per day find that the Q-300XT improves their overall productivity.  

The Q-300XT can wrap as many as 40 loads per hour making it ideal for environments that do not have a steady production flow and require their pallets to be wrapped within specific periods of time.

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