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Air–Pak flexible packaging from Pro-Pac Packaging

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Available from Pro-Pac Packaging , Air-Pak flexible packaging pillows are the perfect solution for interior protection and general void filling. The pillows restrict movement of items within a carton and offer optimum impact and shock absorption. Air-Pak flexible packaging can as be used in block and brace applications, or as general void filling.

Air-Pak is dust free, clean, recyclable and reusable and produced on demand, helping to save storage space. The flexible packaging is light weight in nature, ensuring savings on packaging materials and shipping costs.

Providing superior cushioning for product protection, the Air-Pak flexible packaging consists of rolls of polyethylene tubing that is 200mm wide to create a stream of strong air pillows of varying sizes. The pillows provide flexible packaging and feature perforations to facilitate easy separation. 

The Air-Pak flexible packaging equipment is portable and compact, allowing it to be used in a variety of locations. Easy to install and with limited control panels for ease of operation, the process can be fully automated requiring only minimal operator involvement. The Air-Pak system can also be set to produce the exact quantity and size of bags needed.

The Air-Pak flexible packaging system is easy to install and operate and uses regular and anti-static LDPE film.

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