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High quality Polyethylene Builders Film is an all purpose plastic sheeting film suitable for use as an underlay or beneath concrete slabs as an active moisture and vapour barrier.

Quality assured by meeting and exceeding Australian standards
  • Developed with printing in accordance to AS2870 standards
  • Thickness is benchmarked to AS/NZS4347.9 and AS2870 certification
  • Impact Resistance certified with AS/NZS4347.9 and AS2870
  • Moisture penetration and permeability meets stringent AS2870 quality
Reliable Builders Film is suitable for applications including:
  • Roof protection sheets for the building industry
  • Concrete underlay in construction
  • Damp proof membrane moisture block
  • Dependable pond and dam lining for landscaping
Damp proof membrane Builders Film is an effective moisture barrier
  • Cleverly formable to suit your application
  • Designed durable and is impact resistant
  • Superior electrical properties
  • Affordable and a cost effective investment in damp proofing
  • Enhance appearance with printable surface
  • Available in black, orange and natural colour options to suit requirement
Films should be used in accordance with AS2870
  • Model 85777/ 85220/ 85990/ 85999/ 85888- Made from virgin and recycled LDPE plastic resin
  • 85288 - Made from virgin plastic resin only, suitable for encapsulation
A comprehensive range of colours and sizes, Prior Packaging stocks Builders Film to meet different state regulations. Prior Packaging’s experienced team of experts can help advise you on the correct film to suit your requirements. Prior Packaging information and contact details

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