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Printing secrets offered by Print Acumen

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Print Acumen  is one of the printing companies. Print Acumen offers printing secrets to the clients. This includes secrets for silkscreen printing, brochure printing, pamphlet printing, postcard printing, leaflet and flyer printing, letterhead printing, business card printing and more. Leaflets are printed generally folded handbill or flier planned for free distribution. It is also a directive, printed advertisement or notice designed for mass distribution. Print Acumen claims that leaflets and flyers are considered the poor cousin to a brochure.

Leaflets and flyers are printed in 1 or 2 colours. Print Acumen states that these are designed and produced on inkjet desk printers. Print Acumen tells that leaflets and flyers that are printed on commercial presses for larger commercial quantities. The size of leaflets and flyers ranges from A6 up to A3 maximum. Non coated stocks similar to copy paper are commonly used. Print Acumen suggests clients not to invest much on leaflets and flyers printing.

Print Acumen claims that silkscreen printing is one of the most versatile of all printing processes. This process can be used to print variety of stocks like metals, cardboards, plastics, glass, paper, fabrics including nylon and cotton and more. Some of the common products produced by the silkscreen printing are signage, posters, labels, textiles and electronic circuit boards. Print Acumen states that advantage of silkscreen printing is that the press can print on stocks of any thickness, shape and size.

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