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Fire pump products supplied by Prime Pumps

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Prime Pumps  has over 20 years of experience in designing, building and maintaining pumping systems. Prime Pumps is one of the leading provides of fire pump products. Prime Pumps also works with some of the major security systems companies to design, build, install and maintain fire pumping systems across Australia. Prime Pumps also repair all pumps deployed in building services like storm water, water pressure, cooling towers, sewerage and more.

Additionally, Prime Pumps even provides PumpCheck, which is a structured preventative maintenance program. This ensures that maintenance cost is reduced for the pump systems. The team at Prime Pumps serves clients’ building services pumping requirements. All team members of Prime Pumps are OH&S Green Card and confined space certified. The pumps offered by Prime Pumps are of prime importance in buildings, security systems and industrial processes.

The expert project management team of Prime Pumps can integrate with clients’ project management team to make project successful. Furthermore, Prime Pumps installation of client’ pumps or of the systems that use their pumps. Prime Pumps also work with clients’ sub-contractors in areas like plumbing, air conditioning, security services and fire services and other building services.

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