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Colour changing LED-lamps

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article image The LED-lamps can be set to display any one of 16 different colours.

PRIME Electronics offer a range of colour changing LED-lamps for a variety of options for interior, landscaping and commercial applications. These range from the basic lamp to custom programmable units.

The basic LED-lamp module is compatible with standard MR16 (50mm diametre) halogen lamp housings. It can be powered from 12Vac or 12Vdc, rated at 5W and uses the latest RGB (red, green, blue) 3W LEDs and is long-life with expected 50,000 hours of life. These three colours are mixed in varying intensities to produce any colour of the spectrum.

This LED-lamp can also be set to display any one of the 16 different colours, including white. It includes four built-in colour changing programs, which can be easily selected.

The IR Remote Control Lamp features a hand-held remote control unit (similar to a TV remote) where the desired colour pattern can be selected. It is also possible to control the brightness with four levels of dimming.

A Master/Slave system is recommended if a number of colour changing LED-lamps are needed at the same time. The slave lamps are controlled by the master LED-lamp. If Master/Slave lamp set-up is not used, the lamps gradually drift out of sync with one another.

A remote controlled Master/Slave version is available as an option.

When a more imaginative lighting program is required, a micro-controller based system offers 20 different lighting sequences and can be used to control up to 32 (expandable to 96) LED-lamps.

For further versatility, Prime Electronics have a USB PC-controlled interface and software to allow development of more advanced lighting programs.

All MR16 LED-lamp modules are also available ‘ready-made’ in a number of ceiling, wall mount and outdoor weatherproof light fittings of various types.

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