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PRIMA North America , has announced that Laserdyne Systems, the world leader in precision multi-axis laser machining systems, delivered a Laserdyne 790XL BeamDirector drilling system to Ebtec Corporation, in the USA.

Ebtec Corporation is owned by Aquasium Technology Limited, Cambridge, England, and has been a supplier of electron beam welding and laser processing services to North American industry since 1963.

As an early user of these processes, it has developed an expertise in the supply of difficult to weld and drill components.

The 790XL system is a six-axis system with a 2m x 1m x 1m work envelope with a 63.5cm diameter high accuracy rotary table and Laserdyne's latest software features including Optical Focus Control (OFC) and BreakThrough Detection.

OFC complements the 790 BeamDirector's patented Automatic Focus Control (AFC) and BreakThrough Detection has been shown to not only produce parts with a shorter cycle time but with a better flow consistency.

This will enhance Ebtec's capability to provide precision drilling of cooling holes in thermal barrier coated turbine engine components.

An additional feature of the Ebtec system is the ability to drill parts programmed for Laserdyne's new 450 systems on the 790 as a result of the Part Surface Coordinate, or PSC, programming feature of the Laserdyne control.

Laserdyne products have become the technology standard for the aerospace industry and are used in turbine engine manufacturing facilities across North America, Europe and Asia.

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