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Choosing the Right Construction Props for Projects

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Preston Hire  is a leading Australian supplier of construction hire equipment offering a wide range of construction props such as Acrow props, Superprops and Peri props to suit specific project requirements.

Selecting the right construction props for a project can be a difficult task considering the number of options available with respect to suppliers and equipment. Options are also available for buying or hiring the construction prop equipment.

Preston Hire offers a few useful suggestions for the selection of appropriate construction props:

Step No. 1

Construction props must be selected after assessing the height or distance that is required to be propped. It is advised not to use props that are too short, making up the gap with timber or other packers. Always use the correct length prop for the job.

Likewise, if the propping distance is on the limit of the fully collapsed prop, it may be best to select the next size down to ensure that there is enough adjustment in the prop in case there is a slight variation on site.

Recommended Construction Props

Propping Height Range 1m to 2m

  • Acrow Prop No. 0: 1050 - 1830mm
  • Acrow Prop No.1: 1600 - 2800mm
  • Peri Prop MP250: 1450 - 2500mm

Propping Height Range 2m to 4m

  • Peri Prop MP250: 1450 - 2500mm
  • Acrow Prop No. 1: 1600 - 2800mm
  • Acrow Prop No. 2: 1900 - 3400mm
  • Peri Prop MP350: 1950 - 3500mm
  • Acrow Prop No. 3: 2170 - 3975mm
  • Superprop: 2400 - 4000mm
  • Peri Prop MP480: 2600 - 4800mm
  • Acrow Prop No. 4: 3100 - 4900mm
  • Peri Prop MP625: 4300 - 6250mm

Step No. 2

It is important to determine the load that the prop is required to support. An engineer will need to be consulted to assess the weight of the overhead structure so that loads required to be supported can be determined.

Where the load is higher than the capacity of a single prop, multiple props are recommended to increase the supported load in a given area.

Ensure that the structure at both the base as well as the head of the prop is solid and strong enough to support the desired load. If there is any doubt, it would be a good idea to spread the impact of the prop by using a spreader beam or plate.

Recommended Construction Props

General Propping Use (up to 50KN)

  • Acrow Prop No. 0: 22KN through to 42KN
  • Acrow Prop No. 1: 12KN through to 34KN
  • Acrow Prop No. 2: 11KN through to 39KN
  • Acrow Prop No. 3: 7KN through to 35KN
  • Acrow Prop No. 4: 7KN through to 20KN

Heavy Duty Propping Use (Over 50KN)

  • Superprop: 62KN through to 118KN
  • Peri Prop MP250: 60KN through to 73KN
  • Peri Prop MP350: 42KN through to 88KN
  • Peri Prop MP480: 25KN through to 85KN
  • Peri Prop MP625: 20KN through to 56KN

Correct selection of construction props is critical to the safety and efficiency of the building site, and must always be signed off by a suitably qualified engineer.

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