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Single stage power convertor

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article image High performance single stage convertor.

AS more intermediate power applications require high power factor inputs - drawing near sinusoidal currents from the mains supply - the demand for reliable power supplies to meet this need is growing.

Preston Consulting Ltd's technology arm, PWRTRNX.com, has a fully developed single stage converter offering high performance and a lower parts count compared to a typical 2-stage converter (boost + isolating converter).

"We have managed to get the isolating stage to provide a boost function - we can get near unity power factor and a constant output voltage without all the extra parts and control needed for a separate boost stage," said the Technical Director of Preston Consulting, Colin Tuck.

"The reliability and the efficiency of the system are improved over a 2-stage converter and the total RFI generated is less."

Power supply design is a large part of PWRTRNX.com's work and this new development provides a power supply design platform for up to 2kW of output with output voltages up to 300Vdc (6.5A) and currents up to 60A (33V) with existing tested circuit boards.

These power supplies are available from PWRTRNX's manufacturing base in Christchurch, NZ or a technology transfer may be sought to incorporate the power supply design into an OEM to be made under a modest licence.

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