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LESER safety valves for critical service

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PRESSURE Systems P/L introduces the new range of "Critical Service Safety Relief Valves" manufactured by LESER GmbH Germany.

In Chemical plants, critical service conditions and media may occur which place special demands on the design of safety valves. Examples are highly corrosive media, highly toxic media and high back pressures.

LESER have developed a series of safety valves for these applications.

Type 447 is a safety valve with full PTFE lining for protection from highly corrosive media, the PTFE bellows is gastight and back pressure compensated.

Adherence is avoided by the smooth PTFE surfaces. (max. Rz 16 µm)

Type 449 is a safety valve in block form for protection from highly toxic media. A duct system for inert gas shrouding and analysis helps prevent the escape of product into the environment.

These are available in sizes from DN25 to DN100 and Pressures up to 16 bar.

Applications include:

Multiple Products Systems

Chlorine manufacture and Processing

Reducing Acids


Phosgene Systems

MDI Systems

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