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Increased on-site safety with spill containment cages

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Pressform Engineering announces the availability of a new range of spill containment safety cages designed for greater safety at the workplace.

Designed as a superior alternative to traditional spill containment pallets, Pressform spill containment safety cages are ideal for any industrial environment where chemicals or liquids are transported, stored and handled. It is the essential forklift transport container that ensures all appropriate measures are in place for the containment of chemicals in the event of an accidental spill or leak.

Pressform spill containment safety cages were originally developed for a major oil and gas company to transport 1000-litre IBC containers and avoid dangerous oil spills. The safety cages are designed and manufactured in Australia to high engineering standards.

The competitively priced Pressform spill containment safety cages are designed to exacting standards to completely avoid the possibility of forklift puncture. Manufactured from 3mm to 6mm steel plate, these high quality cages are bunded, and have high sides and a rubber seal. The construction of the safety cages ensures any liquid will be contained within the cage in the event of a spill during transportation.

Each cage measures 1326H x 1190W x 1324L in size and has a Tare weight of 230kg and safe working load of 1650kg. 

Pressform spill containment safety cages feature an innovative hazardous chemical containment design that ensures the leaked substance is contained within the 300mm high sealed container base. The specially developed gate door and rigorously tested seal create a reservoir of containment to protect workers and the immediate environment till the appropriate safe clean-up protocols can be implemented.

To ensure the cages remain highly visible and durable for repeat use, each cage is painted using a heavy duty painting system in standard Safety Yellow. The colour can be customised to suit individual requirements.

Pressform spill containment safety cages are suitable for diverse industries from petrochemicals, mining and oil & gas, to farming and agricultural, trucking and transport, and waste and environmental. 

Pressform spill containment safety cages are made to order to exacting specifications and can be custom adjusted to suit individual requirements. Stainless and nickel alloy cages can also be supplied.

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