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Uni-Safe ph Plus is a high performance absorbent binder, available from Prenco Environmental Spill Control , and is universally applicable to all fluids and to combat all hazardous fluid spill accidents. Its material composition will not cause any hazardous reaction (even with strongly reacting and oxidizing substances, such as nitric acid, hydrofluoric acid, and chlorsulfonic spills)
Uni-Safe absorbent binder offers the following:

  • Universality eliminates having to find spill-specific cleanup product.
  • Absorbs all liquid spills, Oil & Chemical. Leaves surface smear free and reduces contamination. 
  • Acts as an emission blocker creating a 'fume barrier' protecting personnel and environment 
  • Gels the spill immediately for easy cleanup. Safe to use - non-flammable, non-toxic, no dangerous reactions.
  • SPECIAL FEATURE...... Wideband Colour Indicator


Other Features of the Uni-Safe absorbent binder:

  • Binds all liquids into a non flowing gel
  • High absorbent capacity 
  • Acts as a fume/emission barrier – suppresses vapours 
  • Changes COLOUR to indicate pH range 
  • No hazardous reactions with chemicals 
  • Non Combustible – Non Toxic – Not Dangerous Goods 
  • An essential item for all Hazardous Materials Response Teams 
  • The best and easiest way to identify a hazardous chemical 
Also Available:
  • UNI-SAFE ph PLUS  - Spray Applicator
  • Assists Hazmat & Response Teams to identify chemicals
  • Easily turn them into a gel
  • Safely block emissions & vapours from a distance using the Uni-Safe Spray Jet

Product Application:

Apply around the edge of the spill fluid and sweep over immediately with a broom. Check for colour indicator change to assist with chemical identification.
Spray the Uni-Safe Binder around the perimeter of the fluid working towards the centre to completely cover the spill.

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