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Spill Barrier Bunds from Prenco Environmental Spill Control

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Prenco Environmental Spill Control  offers spill barrier bunds designed to create storage areas for fluids and spill containment.  

Spill barrier bunds are designed to prevent spills from migrating by forming a bunded area. EVA bunds allow forklifts or road vehicles to move over them without restriction.

Spill barrier bunds feature a bevelled edge on either side with a flat top surface that allows the forklift or vehicle to move unrestricted up and over the unit.

Spill barrier bunds are resistant to a wide range of chemicals and can be used for diverse bunding applications.

The barrier bunds can alternatively be used as a speed bump around the yard and in the car park. The bunds are not suitable for uneven surfaces such as bitumen.

Spill barrier bunds are available in two options: EVA Sponge and Neoprene Heavy Duty. The bunds are pre-glued for easy installation and supplied in 1m lengths in various sizes.

EVA Sponge spill barrier bunds 

  • 2.5cm x 28cm x 1m
  • 4cm x 28cm x 1
  • 2.5cm x 14cm x 1m
  • 4cm x 14cm x 1m

Neoprene spill barrier bunds 

  • 4cm x 14cm x 1m 
  • 9cm x 14cm x 1m

Neoprene Heavy Duty spill barrier bunds feature a green reflective strip and are not designed to accommodate a forklift or road vehicle.

These spill barrier bunds are used to create bund walls around a storage area and along a perimeter wall. Made of closed cell neoprene foam, the bunds are airtight, waterproof and self-extinguishing.

Neoprene bunds also offer excellent resistance to ageing, oil, solvent and many chemicals.

Key features of spill barrier bunds: 

  • Wide range of sizes and heights
  • Compresses slightly reducing the drive-over impact
  • Pre-glued bunds for easy installation
  • Can be easily replaced if damaged

Application areas: 

  • Workshops and factories
  • Across doorways and entrances
  • Around machinery
  • Transport depots
  • Fuel transfer stations

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