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SPB-1 Portable and Collapsible Containment Bunds from Prenco Environmental Spill Control

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Prenco Environmental Spill Control  supplies a range of portable containment bunds designed for temporary storage bunding of fluids and spill containment units.

Sentry portable collapsible containment bunds can be built to any size to suit specific requirements.

The collapsible containment bunds are speedy portable bunding solutions and made from robust and durable geo-membrane material. The containment bunds are suitable for use in harsh environments that require chemical, oil or environmental containment.

The containment bunds also feature heavy duty aluminium corner supports to add strength and durability to the freestanding structure.

Key features of Prenco’s portable containment bunds: 

  • Quick to deploy with one-piece construction and no assembly required
  • Low profile straps allow easy drive-in clearance and provide a wider variety of field applications
  • Eyelets on the base of the straps allow the unit to be pegged to soft ground
  • Easy to store, the containment bunds are lightweight and can be carried conveniently
  • Tough and durable for highly demanding industrial jobs
  • Washable product, can be stored away for the next application
  • Also available in an economy 900gsm PVC construction material for light duty applications  
  • Designed to suit most portable emergency containment jobs
  • Ideal for short-term temporary storage applications 
  • Standard 300mm high sides and sizes from 1.2m x 1.2m upwards available to suit specific applications

The flexible and portable containment bunds find application in the mining, construction, petroleum and materials handling industries.

Key applications of Sentry portable containment bunds: 

  • Chemical and hydrocarbon storage
  • Temporary storage of leaking drums and equipment
  • Drip/leak containment in refuelling and maintenance operations
  • Portable wash bay

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