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SBM-1 Spill Bund Mats from Prenco Environmental Spill Control

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Prenco Environmental Spill Control  introduces a new range of spill bund mats designed for the containment of leaks and drips during vehicle or equipment washing and maintenance.

SBM-1 spill bund mats are designed for safe containment of hazardous liquids and spill control in diverse environments. 

The fully bunded, trafficable and portable spill containment mats can be used for applications such as: 

  • Containing liquids, leaks and drips in servicing activities
  • Washing cars, trucks, buses, boats, machinery or parts
  • Containment of hazardous chemicals from decontamination showers
  • Storing leaking drums and equipment without creating an environmental risk

Key features of the spill bund mats: 

  • Complies with wastewater legislation/codes of practice throughout Australia
  • Eliminates the need to build expensive permanent structures
  • Standard 100mm drive-over foam sides
  • Optional 12V pump box for water removal
  • Flexible side walls for delivery of liquid storage drums
  • Chemically-resistant and UV-stable fabric
  • Lightweight construction for easy cleaning and storage

Application areas: 

  • Portable vehicle and equipment wash bay
  • Temporary storage of leaking drums and equipment
  • Refuelling and maintenance operations
  • Emergency services decontamination bay

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