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Prenco Environmental Supplies Biodegradable Absorbent for Oil Spills on Wet Days

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Prenco Environmental  offers the Spill Sweep line of biodegradable absorbents specially created for cleaning up oil spills in wet conditions.  

Cleaning up oil spills and fuel spills when it is raining can be a problem. It is important to use the right absorbent in these conditions and can make all the difference in the efficiency level, amount of product used as well as the time taken for a good result.  

Prenco’s Spill Sweep absorbent is a biodegradable fibre that specifically targets hydrocarbons. The absorbent will absorb all the hydrocarbons first before taking on water making it ideal for an extensive range of hydrocarbon fluid spills such as:

  • Oil spill
  • Fuel spill
  • Petrol spill
  • Diesel spill
  • Avgas spill
  • Butane spill
  • Solvent spill
  • Jet fuel spill
  • Acetone spill
  • Oil paint spill
  • Benzene spill
  • Lubricant spill
  • Crude oil spill
  • Kerosene spill
  • Hydraulic oil spill
  • Flammable liquid spill
  • Dangerous goods spill

Spill Sweep absorbents are designed to pick up the contamination first and not water that could reduce the absorption capacity.  

Where an absorbent absorbs everything all at once, a large quantity of product is needed to clean up the spill.  

Spill Sweep oil spill absorbent is also bio-active and contains oil degrading microbes, which assist in better disposal.

Spill Sweep absorbent is tested for non-leaching and meets the EPA requirement for landfill disposal.

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