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New Spill Stop Spill Absorbents from Prenco Environmental Spill Control

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Prenco Environmental Spill Control  introduces a new range of spill absorbents specially formulated for hazardous material spills.  

Spill Stop spill absorbents are a unique line of dual purpose, silica-free granular absorbents suitable for spill containment applications involving hydrocarbon and chemical spills.  

Similar in appearance and function to clay products, Spill Stop spill absorbent is dust-free, silica-free as well as landfill-friendly and absorbs up to 8 times as much as clay.  

More importantly, the spill absorbent does not turn to mud when it comes in contact with moisture, ensuring that the spill is completely contained without risk of being tracked or spread.  

Spill Stop spill absorbents dry-clean the floor at the spill area and can pick up any type of spill. Spill Stop can be used instead of conventional solutions for de-greasing floors.  

Spill Stop can be used on any fluid except hydrofluoric acid and very strong oxidising agents.  

Key features of Spill Stop spill absorbent:  

  • Fire-resistant absorbent
  • Universal granular absorbent used in the clean-up of chemical and hydrocarbon spills
  • Absorbs instantly, compacts for disposal and does not support combustion 
  • Available in acid and caustic neutraliser formulations as well as a biohazard version

Environmental health and safety benefits: 

  • Environmentally safe absorbent consisting of non-reactive chemicals
  • No known carcinogens
  • Does not support combustion
  • Non-toxic and lightweight
  • Slip-resistant, can be used indoors or outdoors

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