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Medium Spill Response Kits from Prenco Environmental Spill Control

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Prenco Environmental Spill Control  supplies a line of medium wheelie bin spill response kits containing loose Spill Sweep absorbent in a 120-litre wheelie bin.

The medium spill response kits can be used on all fluids except high concentration chemicals. The loose Spill Sweep absorbent needs to be scooped out and spread on a spill to contain it.

Clean-up utensils such as a broom, dustpan and brush are provided in the spill kits to easily remove the absorbent after application.

Prenco’s medium spill response kits comprise of: 

  • 1 x 120-litre yellow wheelie bin (clearly labelled ‘Spill Response’)
  • 1 x 30kg Spill Sweep absorbent bioactive powder (loose in bin)
  • 1 x Full instructions and MSDS (on inside lid)
  • 1 x Clean-up utensils (broom, dustpan and brush)

The medium spill response kits are easy-to-wheel spill containment kits that can be taken to the spill area quickly. The clear labelling on the wheelie bin enables easy identification during an emergency.

Application is simple and the scoop-out feature prevents wastage that is unavoidable when pouring from bags.

Spill Sweep absorbent easily absorbs the spill and prevents problems of wet or slippery floors from using a mop and bucket to clear spills.  

The ‘dry-cleaning’ application cleans up the spill quickly, reducing cleaning up time.

The medium spill response kits can be used to absorb oils, fuels, coolants, paints, battery acid and any general liquid.

When spread on hydrocarbon, oil and non-hazardous fluid spills, the used absorbent can be disposed off in a landfill at no cost.

Test certificate and EPA guideline information is available with the medium spill response kits.

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