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Large Spill Containment Kits from Prenco Environmental Spill Control

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Prenco Environmental Spill Control  specialises in the supply of a range of spill containment solutions for different levels of spill hazards in diverse industrial environments.

Also known as vehicle spill kits, Prenco offers spill response kits for oils and fuels (PLVK-OF) as well as general purpose fluids (PLVK-GP).

These spill containment kits consist of a large portable carry bag containing spill absorbents to surround and contain medium-sized spills. A leak sealant putty is a standard item in the kit.

Vehicle spill kits comprise of:  

  • 1 x vinyl weatherproof carry bag of size 60 x 35 x 50cm and clearly labelled ‘Spill Response’
  • 1 x 5kg Spill Sweep Absorbent bioactive powder
  • 2 x 1.5m absorbent sock
  • 10 x absorbent pads
  • 1 x absorbent pillow
  • 1 x 500g Plug n Dike emergency leak sealant
  • 1 x security lock tag
  • Full instructions and MSDS information
  • 1 x clean-up items such as broom, dustpan, brush, waste bags and ties  

The large carry bag spill containment kits are designed as first response solutions with medium spill response capability and allow quick deployment barriers to be set up around an emergency spill until further resources can be obtained.

These portable spill containment kits are packed in a heavy duty yellow GL1000 vinyl bag that can be cleaned easily.

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