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Drain Warden drain filters from Prenco

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Drain Warden drain filters from Prenco Environmental Spill Control provide cost effective drain protection. They help prevent stormwater pollution at the source.

Drain Warden drain filters are simple devices which are designed to fit most surface grated catch basins. The Drain Warden is an excellent defence for reducing and controlling the entrance of contaminants into water systems.

Cars and trucks drip oil and grease on to the surface, which is carried into the catch basins by rain water. Eroded soil and wind blown debris, cigarette butts and ear plugs also usually end up in the drain system. Most of these catch basins ultimately drain into the sea, streams, lakes, or ground water aquifers.

Held in place by the metal grate, the Drain Warden drain filters effectively remove coarse sediments, oil, grease, litter and debris from storm water.

The Drain Warden drain filters are easy to maintain. Maintenance generally consists of just cleaning out debris and sediment; and of replacing the oil absorbent pack. These units can save hours of sump maintenance time. Drain Wardens fit into most catch basins and can be installed by the user.

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