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Rubber products from Premier Rubber Co

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Premier Rubber Co  is 40 year experienced company which manufactures extruded and moulded rubber components. Premier Rubber Co offers extruded rubber products, moulded rubber products and specialist rubber products.

Premier Rubber Co offers extruded rubber products including abrasion resistant rubber, access seals, acoustic seals, acoustic floor underlay, acoustic strip, antivibration pads and autoclave seal.

Premier Rubber Co also offers rubber products including backing seal , baffle seal, balls - solid , basin sink plugs, bearing pad, bearing strip, bellow ,billiard cushion, blind grommets, block , boat rollers, bollard protector rings, bonding to metal parts, boot seals, buffer grommets, buffers, bunding, bungs, bus & coach trim and bushes.

Cable protector, cable roller, cable support blocks, capping rubber, car mats, car park stops, carburetor hose, chair tips, channel seal, chemical stoppers, cistern gaskets, compactor seal, conveyor cleat, conveyor parts, conveyor skirt, cord, corks, corner guards, coupling and cutting block are also being offered by Premier Rubber Co.

Premier Rubber Co offers section, dairy equipment parts, diaphragms, die cutting block, discs, docking fender, door seal, door stop, door wedge, drum seals and dust suppression seals.

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