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article image These mobile phone batteries last longer.

BATTERY life is a critical issue in the world of mobile communications. Premier Batteries’ range of Motorola, Kenwood, Icom Tait, Simoco and Midland two-way batteries offer a long working life and high capacity. Battery packs are manufactured using high performance Sanyo cells, allowing the packs to be rapidly charged and quickly placed back into service without any loss of performance.

In line with today's technology and materials, current limiting and temperature sensing devices are fitted to communication batteries during the manufacturing cycle as protection. The latest flexitracks are available with surface mounted electronics to complete the package.

Weight, size, energy, capacity and price considerations are pushing replacement battery requirements to new limits. Nickel Cadmium and Nickel Metal Hydride batteries with improved capacities and performance are readily available as replacements for the original manufacturer’s product and are sold with a 12 month warranty, which is standard for this product range.

Nickel Metal Hydride provides increased capacities over Nickel Cadmium and is considered to have environmental benefits. Increased capacity is offset by a shorter cycle life.

The latest generation of radios have been designed to use both NiMh and Li-Ion batteries. Lithium Ion offers similar capacity to NiMh but is much lighter in weight. All Li-Ion batteries are fitted with electronic control circuitry to accurately control the charge and discharge sequences.

These additional safety features increase the cost in comparison to the other technologies. Ageing of Li-Ion batteries during long term storage is also an important factor for consideration when purchasing replacement batteries.

A test and analysing service at Premier Batteries is available for batteries and a printout of battery performance is provided after test. This service is available free of charge to customers purchasing new batteries.

Premier Batteries’ manufacturing facility has the capability to custom design and manufacture battery packs to suit special applications where both size and capacity are important considerations.

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