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Variable Speed Drive Application from Premier Automation

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Premier Automation  offers a wide range of services including PLC/HMI/SCADA programming services, Control System Design services, Variable Speed Drive Applications services and Safe Automation services for the automation of industrial equipment.

Premier Automation offers variable speed drive (VSD) application which has engineered countless D.C., A.C., & Servo multi-drive systems. Premier Automation decentralises the control and utilises the drive’s optimised onboard features including diameter compensation, PID loops, and digital locking software blocks. Premier Automation’s preferred vendors who supply variable speed drive applications include Control Techniques, SSD (Eurotherm) and Sprint Electric. The projects that have been engineered by Premier Automation include the replacement of Eddy-Current coupling (Heenan) drives and arrangement of PIV gearboxes on machinery such as Planetary Stranders, Hauloffs and Caterpullers with a closed loop inverter system.

Premier Automation engineers onboard drive motion control and a PLC pulse train system. Premier Automation is experienced with SSD (Eurotherm) 637, 635 and 631 servo drives.

Premier Automation offers safety systems including limited inch/jog relays, two handed controls, safe speed monitoring relays, light curtains, trapped key/exchange systems, safety mats and press controllers from manufacturers including Pilz, Guard master & Fortress.

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