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WS Series in-line boring tools from Precision Metal Group

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Precision Metal Group  presents the WS Series of portable line boring tools designed to perform boring, overlay welding, drilling and tapping in a single, simple set-up.

The WS Series in-line boring tools can restore any tapered or worn-out bore to its original size. In-line boring capability is from ø 180mm to over ø 1000mm, while overlay welding can be done from ø 100mm to over ø 1000mm (internal) and ø 20mm to over ø 250mm (external).

The WS Series can be used for a broad range of applications, and offers several benefits including shorter machining time, less labour costs, and safe and reliable performance. The machines in this series stand out for their stability, accuracy, compact size, sturdiness, safety, smart application and smooth operation.
Key features and benefits of WS series portable line boring tools: 

  • 8 models, each with a different work range
  • Individual machines provide high accuracy for on-site repair of bores and joints of large and small equipment
  • Eliminates the need to disassemble the equipment, reducing downtime and avoiding transport to a repair shop
  • Reduces repair time by 85%
  • Electronic control panel guarantees safe operation
    • Safeguards the rotation motor from excessive strain
    • Automatically reduces feeding speed to reach maximum strain point of the rotation motor
    • LED bar STP allows user to constantly monitor the motor's work load
  • Rotation drive system

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