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Roll mats made from reinforcing steel

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article image Pedax Spinmaster for automated roll mat production

Roll mats are recommended for installing large surface area reinforcing, as they help to reduce installation times by up to 80 per cent. However, despite this clear advantage, roll mats are seldom utilised; popular in Scandinavian countries where they are employed frequently and very effectively, roll mats are found only occasionally in Germany.

Installed by simply rolling out like a carpet, roll mats facilitate a free choice of rebar lengths, diameters and spacing generating substantial savings on steel.

There are several ways to manufacture roll mats. Concrete reinforcing bars, for instance can be welded together with flat steel strips and then coiled up or the rebars can be joined together with tying wire and then rolled up. Pedax offers this latter procedure using an automated machine called Spinmaster.

The wire tying technique used by Pedax offers several benefits such as: non-welded roll mats can be employed without any problems for areas with alternating loadings (bridges or multi-storey car parks); material jointing in the reinforced concrete remains unchanged; machine operator has no need for welding permits or employees with special qualifications; and different types of reinforcing steels such as stainless or plastic coated steels can be processed.

Pedax’s Spinmaster is a high-performance machine that functions automatically and can be monitored by a single operator. The mats are rolled up neatly, enabling rapid and tidy installation. The rebars are cut to size with conventional working methods, the reinforcing mats prepared in accordance with specifications, and then stored before being individually set in place by an installer.

Spinmaster manufactures roll mats automatically to fit precisely and to be rapidly rolled out. The tying wire technique enables the roll mats to retain a certain amount of flexibility. Overlaps, a problem with commercially obtainable mats, can be eliminated by utilising roll mats manufactured on Spinmaster, allowing material savings.

Pedax supplies the high-capacity, automated Spinmaster machines that enable roll mats to be produced cost-effectively using the tying wire technique. Spinmasters are available in different versions and for varying mat widths in the Pedax programme.

Pedax Spinmaster is available in Australia through Precision Metal Group

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