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Pedax Twinmaster 20 servo-driven double-bender from Precision Metal Group

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article image Pedax Twinmaster 20 servo-driven double-bender

The Pedax Twinmaster 20, available from Precision Metal Group is a new automatic twin-strand production line with a high output of wire diameters from 10mm up to 20mm.

Featuring an advanced and powerful system as well as a robust frame construction, the new production line processes both single strand coils of up to 20mm diameter and double strand of up to 16mm.

Equipped with servo-technology in all functions, the Pedax Twinmaster 20 servo-driven double-bender delivers several benefits including maximum performance, energy efficiency, low-noise production and low maintenance costs.

The Pedax Twinmaster 20 features two bending heads equipped with two clamps, which hold the wire in a secure position during the bending process. A powerful pre-straightening mechanism is installed as standard to ensure safe feeding of reinforcing steel with a diameter of 20mm. A wire change magazine is also provided as standard.

Key features of Pedax Twinmaster 20 servo-driven double-benders:

  • Extracting feeding unit (XFU) in front of the powerful cutter enables easy removal of wire ends
  • New wave-straightening technique prevents twisting of the wire and guarantees excellent straightening performance
  • New heavy duty reels, suitable for handling 5 ton coils
  • Bending mandrels designed for 7 x diameter provided in conformance with standards
  • Double bends of up to 1200mm leg height possible
  • Equipped with a 6, 9 or 12m long reception bench
  • Automatic collector tray placed alongside the lower machine frame receives the shapes when they fall down from the machine
  • Compact wire guide system and bending heads
  • New unique deflector plate ensures a complete flat surface and quick change of bending tools
  • Servo technique ensures high bending and feeding speed
  • Easy operation requiring only one operator
  • Logic-Soft software

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