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New second generation Pedax pile cage machines allow polygonal shapes

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article image Pedax Pilemaster II

Pile cage machines currently available in the market automatically weld only round pile cages.

Pedax’s second generation of Pedax Pilemaster II and the new Pedax Polymaster allow the welding of square, rectangular and triangular cages. The Pedax Pilemaster II can be upgraded to a Pedax Polymaster for polygonal shapes. 

The weld has to be very precise to eliminate over bends at each angle; this is secured through a flexible welding head and an integrated bar support that follows the curve of the polygonal cage easily. 

The standard disc for the Pedax Polymaster machines allows cages to be produced with a fixed measurement such as 300 x 300 mm or 500 x 200 mm. If individual measurements are required for a cage, one will need to purchase a disc with a measurement system where total individual measurements on the cage can be achieved.

The rest of the Pedax Polymaster machine is identical to the Pedax Pilemaster II; by purchasing a separate welding head for round pile cages, regular round cages can be produced as well. 

A control unit checks the quality of the actual welding and will stop the machine, and alert the user in the event of failure at two consecutive points according to the parameters set. 

Feature highlights of the Pedax machines include Siemens touch panel with colour screen and intuitive user surface built in the machine frame; heavy-duty welding robot with exchangeable welding heads for producing round or square pile cages; adjustable straightening unit by a spindle with hand wheel or optional electrical motor; easy exchangeable disc without removing the star; robust hydraulic roller support; heavy duty beam construction of the base allows installation at sites on uneven ground; frequency controlled motor for the movement of the disc with variable speed, and fast return to start; and both discs powered by a gear motor, with a direct pinion to the toothed ring at the outside of the disc.

Pedax machines are available from Precision Metal Group .

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