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New fast roller straightening machine

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article image Twincut 12 roller straightening machine equipped with a rebar storage unit for lengths that have already been straightened and cut

Operations at concrete and precast production facilities are very often centred on modern straightening systems. High-speed reinforcing steel straightening machines generate additional flexibility and significantly relieve the pressure on rebar cutting systems, allowing metal bending companies to achieve greater flexibility and more production output.

The steel reinforcing business segment is challenged by external costs and tight deadlines. The exacting nature of the work also makes it difficult to find personnel. Facilities are therefore more open to investing in straightening and cutting plants in recent times. Nowadays, diameters up to 20mm can be processed from a coil, bringing about substantial changes to the stock of machinery and production structures.

Rotary straightening systems deliver excellent straightening outcomes due to the nature of the process, marked by gentle treatment of the reinforcing steel without any significant rib or surface wear. Roller straightening systems on the other hand, work rapidly and safely, delivering good straightening quality to satisfy most specifications but without achieving the quality and consistency of rotary straighteners.

However, roller straighteners are substantially less expensive to purchase and boast high straightening speeds, making them a cost-effective alternative for metal bending companies and precast concrete production facilities.

Pedax can supply complex straightening systems with hyperbolic rotor technology as well as fast roller straightening machines in various models.

Twincut 12 roller straightening machine

The Twincut 12 roller straightening machine is equipped with up-to-date servo, drive and control technology from B + R and has the ability to process reinforcing steel up to 12mm in diameter. Designed for processing reinforcing steel from coils, Twincut 12 can handle diameters from 6mm to 10mm simultaneously in two lines and diameters up to 12mm in a single line.

The servo technology in the Twincut 12 roller straightening machine ensures low energy consumption, reduced maintenance costs and quiet operations. Two roller straightening units, each with nine pairs of straightening rollers generate excellent results. The straightening units are adjusted automatically by means of electric motors.

The Twincut 12 allows settings for the complete straightening unit or each pair of rollers to be controlled separately, ensuring optimum straightening results. The programmed settings can be reproduced at any time and corrections can be easily made during the workflow.

The drawing force of the transport rollers lies between 10,000 and 20,000 N. Average power consumption is very low at 4 to 6 kW. Measurements are carried out with utmost precision by means of measuring wheels with pneumatic infeed.

The cutting system consists of an electrically driven shear, equipped with a wire guide for both single and double wires. Featuring a process-oriented intuitive user interface, the shear is set up for rapid cycle frequencies.

Tailored to the basic machine, Pedax can supply differing coiling systems including free running or driven, automatic wire changing machines, varying rebar storage units, conveyors, pallet systems and collection facilities to aid in manufacturing and packaging cut reinforcing steel.

Pedax machines are available in Australia from Precision Metal Group .

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