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Concrete reinforcing steel cutting system works without an operator

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article image No employees are needed for operating the concrete reinforcing steel cutting system from Pedax

Precision Metal Group presents a new fully automated bar cutting system from Pedax that does not need an operator.

Based on the proven Combiline machine from Pedax, the new fully automated bar cutting system was commissioned at a large Belgian concrete and precast production facility, completely customised to fit into the highly restricted space at the site.

As a specialist in custom-made manufacturing systems, Pedax was able to meet the client’s requirements, providing the complete machine and plant programme. For the fully automated concrete reinforcing steel cutting system, Pedax equipped a Combiline with the Autender S, an automatic counter and insertion system. The solution also included a computer-controlled bar storage unit, from which the reinforcing steel is removed automatically to be cut.

The rebar is inserted into the Combiline cutting device and the cutting process runs continuously. The cut bars are positioned by means of stop systems and ejected either to the right or left hand side. The bars reach predetermined zones in a pallet via inclined roller tables with hook systems, at which point they are sorted and collected to be conducted to further processing points.

The bar remains are removed automatically from the cutting and working area and disposed of via a flexible chute system into the containers provided, without interrupting the automated process. A new efficient device is also provided for collecting short lengths and storing them completely sorted in boxes.

With the new system, short lengths are sorted via a box into a container system, whose position can be altered. This allows cutting and storage to be carried out without manual intervention.

Pedax’s custom solution enables production to continue to a great extent without employees. Pedax Combiline systems installed as a stationary plant and working with a transverse travelling storage unit, offer immense capabilities with great flexibility.

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