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Vintage Keeper and Cask Thing from Precision Measures

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Precision Measures  provides a wide range of Vintage Keeper Wine Dispensers which offer cellar door tasting facility.

The argon gas or nitrogen gas blanket of this system is regarded to prevent the loss of quality of the wine products even two weeks after opening. Vintage Keeper is regarded to be an easy-to-operate system for dispensing wine. Vintage Keeper is used in bars, bottle shops, clubs etc.

Precision Measures provides Vintage Keeper cabinets which can fit a maximum of 10 wine bottles. The insulated coolers keep the white wine under chilled conditions. The self assembly kit is used when there is no space for timber cabinet.

Precision Measures provide an adaptor for the Vintage keeper which can be screwed on to the wine bottle’s Stelvin thread enabling the quick fitting into wine bottles. The adaptor enables the Vintage keeper heads is used either in cork sealed wine bottles or screw top bottles.

Precision Measures also provides Cask Thing which enables easy poring. Cask Thing is known to fit juice, spring water and wine. Precision Measures is claimed to have a total control by avoiding accidental spills. Cask Thing makes pouring easy for both aged and arthritis patients.

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