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Australian agent for AFTCO magnetic flow meters

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article image Uses a uniquely high magnetising current.

PRECISION Light & Air (PLA) has been appointed the Australian agent for AFTCO magnetic flow meters - specifically to the mining and slurry industry.

AFTCO uses a pulsed ac technology for their UniMag, which is the only magmeter in the world that uses a uniquely high magnetising current (typically for mining slurries or similar of 2-6A base to peak), at an exciter frequency of 2/3 mains frequency, with a net lowering of power consumption (typically 12W).

This not only provides UniMag with the highest signal to media ratio in the history of flow sensing, but the low power consumption allows stiff material encapsulation of the coils, resulting in unsurpassed insensitivity to shock and vibration.

The UniMag design also makes a liner an OPTION, not a necessity. Damage or micro-porosity to an optional liner does not affect UniMag performance.

No electrodeless technology, nor any other magmeter has these vitally important characteristics.

With meters ranging in size from 2mm to 3000mm and liner free meters from 50mm upwards, PLA can supply the following:

* Low volume flocculent/additive metering with conductivities down to 0.08uS/cm

* Accurate measurement of magnetic laden media (Magnetite) with the use of built in reference coils

* Field replaceable coils and sensors

* Kits to weld sensor/coil assemblies into existing pipes

* Unlined or lined tubes in a variety of materials

* NIST traceable certification on all meters.

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