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Circuit boards and electronic items offered by Precision Circuits

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Precision Circuits  has been engaed in supplying electronic items such as circuit boards and other ancillary products to industry for the last 30 years. Different products provided by Precision Circuits include stencils, bare PCB, assembly, cables and many other products including medical implant devices.

Precision Circuits employs advanced manufacturing technologies to provide sophisticated electronic items. It supplies its manufactured products to several sectors which are briefly discussed below. It supplies various medical implant devices such as implanted hearing products and various respiratory products to the medical sector.

Precision Circuits provides services to the military services by making available different items like controlled impendence data acquisition systems, high performance communication systems, sonar system. It also supplies high Tg materials for test systems which can withstand upto 210 degree temperature. It supplies high performance printed circuit boards and hybrid circuits and ceramic materials to the communication sectors.

Precision Circuits serves the commercial sector by supplying thin laminate to be used in handy communication devices. Laminate is available in different thicknesses such as less than 1mm, 1.6mm and also in .15 mm thickness. It also supplies 4 layer board having 140 um internal copper used for display technology and 8 layer board with 70 um of internal copper for LED Display.

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