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POWDER coating is an advanced method of applying a decorative finish to a wide range of metallic products used by both industry and consumers, explains Precision Coating Services .

The powder is electrostatically sprayed onto the surface to be coated and then placed in a curing oven where the product is heated and fuses into a smooth coating. The result is a uniform, durable, high-quality, and attractive finish which is very resistant to scratches, cracking, peeling, UV rays and rust.

The entire powder coating process involves several steps:

1. Abrasive Blasting, stripping and/or solvent cleaning to ensure the surface is free of any oils, dirt, rust or foreign matter

2. Pretreatment during which the product is treated with a chemical to further protect it and improve the surface for powder coating

3. Rinsing and Drying

4. Powder being applied with an electrostatic gun

5. Curing - takes place when the product is heated at a certain metal temperature for ten minutes after which the product cools and the coating forms a high quality, durable finish.

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