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Workplace Safety As Simple As ABC

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Every year, thousands of Australians are injured in the workplace with a cost to the Australian economy estimated at more than $34 billion.

The costs for your organisation can be far-reaching, including compensation paid to employees, decreased productivity, labour turnover and training costs, increased absenteeism and loss of motivation.

You can avoid most of these costly accidents simply by selecting safer workers, and now you have the tool to do it. Talent Technologies' (TTL's) ABC Safety Series helps identify workers who have both the right attitudes and abilities to display safe practices on the job.

TTL's team of organisational psychologists created the ABC Safety Series portfolio of assessments specifically for the Australasian market, spending more than three years in research and development with standardised bench-marks from Australasian job-applicant pools.

The series includes both an attitudes assessment and ability tests:

Attitudes Assessment

o Safety Attitudes Indicator - assesses attitudes and personality traits towards displaying safe practices on the job.

Ability Tests

o Understanding Safety Instructions - assesses applicants' ability to understand fundamental safety rules and procedures.

o Numerical Calculation - assesses level of competency in basic mathematics.

o Spatial Recognition - assesses applicants' ability to respond to object spatial orientations.

o Mechanical Comprehension - assesses applicants' ability to reason and understand mechanical concepts.

The ABC Safety Series is available on the preVisor/Qwiz Online platform as an annual subscription add-on pack or on a per-test basis, so it can be easily integrated into your current testing protocol. It is also available in pencil and paper format where PC accessibility is an issue.

For manufacturing, construction, transport and other industries where OH & S issues are key, the ABC Safety Series can help you minimise financial costs to your organisation while creating a healthier work environment.

Please contact TTL's client services group, to find out more about workplace safety or to hear about our 2006 special introductory offer on the ABC Safety Series.

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