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NINETY percent of workplace accidents are caused by human error. It would thus be incredibly valuable to identify those people who were less likely to have accidents in the workplace.

With the release of Talent Technologies Pty Ltd ’s Online ABC Safety Series Assessments, the user can identify workers with the right safety attitude and the aptitude to perform their roles safely and effectively.

Developed specifically in Australia for local workplace conditions, the portfolio consists of a specific safety attitude questionnaire and two aptitude tests.

The assessments have been designed for roles in the manufacturing, mining and transport sectors, or for any roles where a safe working aptitude is a prerequisite.

It is suitable for the selection of qualified school leavers from technical level apprenticeship schemes through to work experienced personnel, in any role where safety is a practical concern.

Each year, hundreds of people are injured on the job and organisations lose millions of dollars due to compensation costs. Workplace injuries are also associated with decreased productivity, increased absenteeism, increased insurance premiums, and costs associated with staff replacement and training.

The ABC Skills Assessments can help select workers who are likely to display safe behaviour on the job, and ultimately help reduce occupational health and safety related costs.

The ABC Safety Series assesses abilities such understanding safety instructions, numerical calculation, spatial recognition, mechanical comprehension and safety attitudes indicator. The ABC Safety Series also has a workstyle questionnaire specifically assessing safety attitudes, behaviours and values: the Safety Aptitude Indicator.

Talent Technologies (TTL) promises to help business select, develop, and retain talent to maximise profits.

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