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Best practice online assessment for recruitment & development

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TALENT Technologies’ Selection Series is a package of the most relevant and consistently proven online assessments from PreVisor.

It is ideal for specific jobs based on validation evidence, business outcome studies, job analysis data and latest research in HR selection. The Selection Series is now available on Qwiz Online.

The product provides a complete picture of candidates for a variety of job titles and families, from administrative/clerical jobs to manager-level positions through a combination of the best hard and soft skills tests specific to each job.

The Selection Series can help an organisation by:

* Predicting business outcomes

* Streamlining hiring processes

* Selecting the very best test options for specific job titles.

By using Selection Series a business can test only what is relevant to the job:

* Core content: most likely appropriate for all jobs in the job title/family.

* Supplementary content: may be appropriate to jobs depending on the specific requirements.

Talent Technologies’ team of consultants can help determine which content from the Selection Series will be appropriate for an organisation’s specific needs.

Selection Series can find the right test for the job such as: call centre, administrative and clerical, collections, customer service (may be used for entry-level sales positions), frontline manager, it/professional, professional, intermediate sales, senior sales, sales manager, general skilled and mechanical operator.

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