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article image The flexible JUMO Dicon 400/500 controllers.

THE new JUMO Dicon 400/500 Universal Process Controllers provides P, I, PD, PI and PID control protocols for one or two setpoints.

Available from Practical Control Solutions , the Dicon structure allows up to 4 analogue inputs (standard thermocouple, 2- and 3-wire resistance temperature, voltage, current and resistance) with up to 4 setpoints, 2 being standard and up to 8 logic inputs, 2 being standard.

Up to 6 outputs are available for analogue quantities including two-wire transmitters and logic outputs such as relays, solid-state relays and 5V and 22V levels.

In addition, an optional serial interface (RS 422/485) and Profibus DP interface can be installed.

The modular construction of the JUMO Dicon 400/500 controllers, which includes up to 9 input/output slots, provides for in-field functional flexibility.

Eight-step ramp function programming permits control schemes such as ramp-up or ramp-down of set point, as well as definition of inception of program (from to or from point where the controlled variable equals program-defined setpoint).

A math/logic module permits user-defined equations of input and output variables.

A setup program (Windows-compatible) permits creating and editing data sets for transfer to and from the Dicon controllers.

The instruments have a two-line digital display as well as a bargraph and are available in 96mm x 96mm front panel (Dicon 500) and 48mm x 96mm (portrait or landscape Dicon 400) format.

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