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Practical Control Systems releases new ultrasonic sensors into Australia

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Practical Control Solutions  has introduced the Swiss-made Sonarange ultrasonic sensors into the Australian market.

The Sonarange ultrasonic sensors range comprises of sensors for distance measurement, proximity, sag control, aperture and edge detection, and general tasks in challenging environments where optical sensors frequently fail to operate correctly.

Sonarange ultrasonic sensors cover a broad range of industries and applications including packaging, pharmaceuticals, factory automation, industrial chemical manufacturing, security and vehicle detection. The Sonarange ultrasonic sensors are manufactured in Switzerland by SNT Sensortechnik, a pioneer of ultrasound detection technology.

Sonarange ultrasonic sensors are characterised by high, emitted sound power and features such as automatic gain control, which automatically adjusts sensitivity to permit reliable detection of very small objects.

Designed to be reliably employed for detecting distances from as small as a few millimetres to over five metres, Sonarange ultrasonic sensors remain unaffected by dirty environments, colour, size, bright light and optical reflectivity.

Made from materials such as Viton, PVDF and PTFE, the sensors are highly oil-resistant, and suitable for service in harsh chemical environments. Housings rated at IP 67 make the detectors resistant to washdowns. Additionally, system integration flexibility is maximised with features such as teach-in, high focus beams, and choice of analogue and/or digital output.

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