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Practical Control Solutions releases COOLTECH range of integrated solid state relay assemblies

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Practical Control Solutions releases COOLTECH range of integrated solid state relay assemblies

Practical Control Solutions has released the new COOLTECH range of integrated solid state relay assemblies from Crouzet. COOLTECH compact assemblies are ideal for replacing electromechanical contactors in applications where space is limited.

All the parameters have been optimised : the size of the heat sink, the thermal interface pad, electromagnetic compatibility, etc. Simply decide the load-current and ambient temperature for your specific application and select the corresponding solid state relay from the Selection Guide.

The COOLTECH solid state relay simply clips directly onto a DIN rail bracket, or attaches directly to the panel via mounting screws. Solid state relays are called upon to switch considerable load-currents, thus their components are subject to significant temperature rises. This increased temperature can have a negative impact on the long-term reliability of the solid-state relay, possibly resulting in premature catastrophic failure. The new generation of COOLTECH solid state relays draws upon the new technological advances made by Crouzet.

The design of the power assembly, based on DBC (Direct Bond Copper), technology, allows for an efficient transfer of heat from the SCR die to the heat sink.

It is the key to reliability for your installations.

The epoxy-free design of the COOLTECH SSR eliminates the stress placed on internal components due to the expansion and contraction of epoxy during normal use. Moreover, this eliminates the possibility of a catastrophic failure as a result of severe stress in the encapsulant during load failure.
The DBC substrate, along with the unique vertical placement of the substrate, allows the SCR die to efficiently transfer heat to the heat sink and into ambient air (40% more efficient than traditional substrate designs). As a result, the SCR die operate at a lower temperature than competitive relays. It also accounts for the COOLTECH’s higher I2T and surge-current ratings.

Three innovations promote efficiency :

  • Larger SCR die with a lower Vf reduces power dissipation and increases the surface area necessary for heat transfer.
  • An improved thermal interface material reduces voids between the substrate and the heat sink.
  • A reduction of solder joints in the path of load-current improves reliability and reduces overall dissipation.

COOLTECH solid state relays reliably switch loads up to 80 times a second. Endurance and thermal tests demonstrate that the COOLTECH solid-state relays operate at a lower temperature and have a longer life expectancy than equivalent competitor’s products.

Solid-state relays have no moving components, which allows for the noiseless switching of loads. This feature is particularly beneficial in areas such as medical equipment, office automation, or applications where user comfort is paramount.

The input to the COOLTECH solid-state relay consumes significantly less power than electromechanical relays, allowing for the switching of high-current loads with only a few milliamps of input current.

Compliance with level 3 requirements of the EMC Directive enhances the COOLTECH’s ability to operate safely and reliably in harsh electrical environments by providing additional protection from surge currents, shock and vibration, electrostatic discharge, electrical transients, and conducted/radiated emissions.

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