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Practical Control Solutions presents reengineered REVO-S solid state relays

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Practical Control Solutions  presents a new range of REVO-S solid state relays from CD Automation featuring a modular design that minimises installation cost and enclosure size, and offers added functionality.
The REVO-S is designed to address the limitations of traditional SCR-based solid state relays, which have been part of many industrial electrical heating systems.
These limitations include:

  • Difficulty with mounting in an enclosure with adequate heatsink, resulting in high labour costs and low panel density
  • Maximum current ratings of around 125 amps
  • Power terminals too small to accommodate required cable sizes, particularly in the higher current ranges
  • Lack of semiconductor protection (fast) fuses and associated problems with mounting
  • Problems with maintaining a touch-proof environment in the enclosure due to exposed terminals
CD Automation’s REVO-S solid state relay is supplied on an easy-to-mount heatsink that can be mounted side-by-side for high panel density resulting in minimal enclosure space. To simplify installation even further, base plates are available to allow direct mounting of REVO-S on to standard commercially available busbar systems. This approach eliminates power supply wiring and allows simple plug-in replacement of plug-in modules.
Key features and benefits of REVO-S solid state relays:

  • Range extends from 30 amps to 210 amps with robust IP20 power terminals
  • Fast fuses integrated into the assembly to greatly reduce installation time and effort
  • Optional analogue input allows the REVO-S to be operated as a zero cross burst fired thyristor (SCR) power controller
  • Heater break alarm option measures load current and can be used to indicate partial load failure
  • Flat cable option available for fast efficient connection of analogue inputs and heater break alarms
  • Available in single phase, two phase and three phase versions
Practical Control Solutions can advise on all aspects of selection, application, configuration and commissioning.

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