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Paperless recorder for of FDA-compliant measurement data

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THE Jumo Logoscreen es paperless chart recorder is now available from Practical Control Solutions .

Together with its PC software components, this paperless recorder provides a closed system for the electronic acquisition, storage and archiving of process data that fulfills the requirements of FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

The presentation is mainly determined by a 5.7" colour screen, on which the measurement data are displayed in different formats -- numbers, diagrams, bar graph, etc.

The integrated Security Manager ensures that only authorised persons can operate the instrument, and the integrated Audit-Trail Manager ensures seamless documentation of all operative actions.

Measurement data are electronically stored and available for evaluation both locally and on a PC. Front bezel size is 144mm x 200mm, maximum mounting depth is 228mm.

The Logoscreen es has the following features:

* Conforms to FDA CFR Part 11

* Monitored back-panel cover

* No chart /pens

* Presentation of the measurement data in vertical/horizontal diagrams, bar graph, numerical

* Batch reporting

* Local availability of the measurement data stored in RAM

* Data records can be saved to a CompactFlash memory card

* Instrument can be configured from the keypad, via the CompactFlash memory card or serial interface

* Evaluation of the archived data through the PC evaluation software

* Adaptation of the storage cycles to the individual process through normal operation, event operation and day-time operation

* Report with minimum/maximum/ average values and integrator

* Freely programmable inputs for resistance thermometers, thermocouples, dc current and dc voltage

* Sampling cycle minimum 125msec with 12 analogue inputs

* PROFIBUS-DP and Ethernet connection

Apart from pharmaceutical applications the Logoscreen es is ideal for any batch process that requires a verifiable audit trail, for example food production, meat processing, metal heat treatment and sterilisation plant.

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