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New surface mounting thermostats

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article image Provided in various configurations.

THE new JUMO Series ATH surface-mounting thermostats fulfil a large range of industrial applications.

Obtainable from Practical Control Solutions , the ATH thermostats are available with fixed probes and with copper as well as stainless steel capillary temperature sensing heads.

The JUMO ATH thermostats are provided in various configurations for duty as temperature controllers, monitors, and limiters.

As controller, the ATH thermostat's microswitch operates in ON/OFF mode within the switching differential parameters. As limiter, the microswitch operates once the preset temperature has been exceeded, and can be reset manually when the temperature has dropped by at least 10% below the setpoint.

In the safety temperature limiter mode the ATH thermostat protects against the loss of temperature sensing fluid by permanently opening the microswitch circuit.

If the temperature drops to -20°C the microswitch circuit is also opened but the manual reset function can be used once the temperature has risen above the above-indicated value.

JUMO ATH controllers are available in a large variety of temperature ranges from -50°C to 500°C. The microswitch is rated at 10 amps ac at 230 volts (pf =1) or 250 milliamp at 230V dc.

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