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Multi-channel process and program controller

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THE Jumo Imago 500 from Jumo GmbH & Co. KG, Fulda, Germany, is not only a universal multi-channel process and program controller with a lot of additional functions, such as maths and logic, but also provides special features, such as freely editable customer diagrams or flow charts, as well as a recording function.

In a similar way to a paperless recorder, the recorded curves of up to four freely selected analogue channels and three binary channels can be displayed as a diagram in a separate screen form.

The momentary values of the analogue signals are always shown, next to the corresponding date and time. Continuous information is provided about the time raster and the scaling of the analogue channels.

Each one of the measurements being recorded can be freely selected and scaled, the colour can be defined and the storage cycle as well.

The data that has already been recorded can be viewed by pressing a key. In this history display, a zoom function can be called up and, with the help of the cursor arrow keys, this can be shifted throughout the entire time period. Here, too, the values shown are those actually existing at the time given by the cursor position.

The measurements and switch positions are saved in a separate ring memory. Depending on the configuration, the memory capacity will be sufficient for around 70 days.

One of the two interfaces in the Jumo Imago 500 can be used to read out the data at regular intervals, either automatically or by hand. This data is saved on the PC in a tamper-proof form. PC evaluation software can be used to display any chosen periods on the screen of the PC. In addition to the process data, any errors or alarm values that occur will be transmitted to the PC, where they can be studied.

A recording function in a process controller is important for users and system manufacturers alike. It makes it possible to simplify commissioning and controller tuning optimisation.

In the production environment it also helps to detect and localise any faults in good time and thus prevents or reduces defective examples of the finished goods.

Whether it is a temperature, pressure or filling level monitoring - the Jumo Imago 500’s recording ensures continuous monitoring of the process flow and raises quality standards.

The the Jumo Imago 500 controller is available from Practical Control Solutions Pty Ltd .

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