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Kube temperature controllers – much more than another commodity product

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The new Kube temperature controllers, available from Practical Control Solutions are designed for simple operation, calibration and replacement among several user benefits.

Featuring a standard DIN panel size, power supply, temperature sensor input, relay, SSR or analogue output and perhaps an alarm or two, conventional temperature controllers are considered a very basic instrumentation building block, ubiquitous and low cost.

However, Ascon Tecnologic believes the humble temperature controller is much more than a mere commodity product. Their latest Kube range of controllers demonstrates the amount of thought they have put into rethinking the temperature controller, bringing real benefits to the user.

The user interface of Kube temperature controllers incorporates a dynamic three-colour display that changes depending on how far the process value is from setpoint, allowing anyone in the plant to see immediately whether the equipment is in warm up mode, at setpoint or in alarm mode. Some models also incorporate a bar graph. An energy saving standby mode on the display lights up only one LED segment at a time to show that the controller is running. As soon as an alarm occurs or the operator pushes a button the display illuminates again. This function reduces by 20% the energy used to power the instrument.

Replacing the Kube temperature controllers is also very simple. Configuration data can be easily stored on the programming key accessory and then written in a single step to the replacement instrument. Plugin terminals mean there is no need for a screwdriver to reconnect terminals.

Kube series controllers also incorporate a wattmeter that displays instantaneous power as well as energy use. A user accessible fine tune calibration facility allows the user to easily adjust for any sensor drift or inconsistencies. Kube temperature controllers can be operated in wet environments, offering a front face IP65 rating when fitted with an optional gasket. A built-in meter will also indicate how long the process equipment has been running.

The Kube series is available in three DIN panel sizes of 48 x 48mm, 48 x 96mm and 78 x 35mm. 

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