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article image The Millenium II+ controllers.

A DIRECT descendent of Millenium II, Crouzet's logic controller family offers a much wider range of commonly used pre-programmed functions and applications for machine manufacturers and panel builders.

Available under the brand name Millenium II+, from Practical Control Solutions , it represents a complete range including various extensions and accessories.

Automation without programming

The new range of Millenium II+ logic controllers enhances Crouzet's offering of tools and further simplifies the design office's task of creating automation control systems for machine manufacturers and panel builders.

Four new application-specific functions feature at the top of the numerous advantages of this new range. These functions can be used to create complete applications, such as automatic pump switching, without the need for any programming (a feature that is exclusive to Crouzet): all the user has to do is enter the parameters on the PC (Windows, NT, XP, etc).

The high-speed counting function is used to control high frequency electronic sensors up to 1kHz. The addition of a tachometer function should prove particularly useful for speed control in mixing machines.

With the data storage function, users can store up to eight values for a single variable while continuing to display the average values, a feature that will no doubt be invaluable in quality control applications.

With the timer function, which is precise to the second, on/off cycles can be programmed on screen. A real time clock allows time and date initiated functions to be programmed. Finally, the PID function provides an easy way of improving temperature regulation performance, particularly in HVAC applications.

As well as its new application-specific functions, Millenium II+ has a toolbar containing 21 pre-programmed functions (counting, comparison, timing, etc.). The user can drag and drop these functions on the PC screen to design the majority of programs simply and intuitively, and then simulate them before final implementation.

Of course, the logic controller also offers GRAFCET programming with SFC function keys.

Millenium II+ is available in two non-expandable models - 12 and 20 I/O - and one expandable version with 20 I/O. Add-on modules (6 I/O) integrate the field communication on Modbus or AS-I networks.

The offer is also available in a economic version (without any screens) as well as a bare board version. These formats are aimed mainly at the small machinery market, where they can be used to reap maximum benefit from the product's user-friendly programming features at minimum cost: systems integrators will be able to use a basic version to test their prototypes, which, once validated, can then be saved for mass production onto bare boards.

To further facilitate building automation applications, in which Millenium II+ should prove particularly valuable, Crouzet is proud to present a number of additional features, including a temperature sensor for ventilation ducts, a multizone climate management unit, an external probe and a submersible probe.

The range of accessories even includes RTC and GSM communication modules for establishing the link between logic controllers and PCs. A heating/cooling control kit, available as an entry-level offer, can be used to design a basic application.

Twelve-volt and 24V dc versions of Millenium II+ can be used on board commercial vehicles. These versions will be a welcome addition to the market for the control of battery-backed installations.

To be truly complete, the entire range can be housed with IP67 sealed front covers.

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