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DRR 245 multifunction temperature controllers from Practical Control Solutions

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Practical Control Solutions  introduces the DIN rail mounted DRR 245 multifunction temperature controllers.  

The analogue input of the DRR 245 multifunction temperature controllers is configurable for up to 18 different sensors including common thermocouple types and resistance thermometers, making them a natural choice for temperature control.  

DRR 245 multifunction temperature controllers are available with three separate configurable outputs including two relays that may also be used as open/close logic for motorised valves, logic output for solid state relays and an analogue 4-20mA/ 0-10V signal that can be used as a control output or to retransmit the process value or setpoint.  

Key features of DRR 245 multifunction temperature controllers:  

  • Analogue output is galvanically isolated from the power supply and analogue input
  • Switching power supply with an extremely wide range of 24-230Vac/Vdc
  • Can be used as signal transmitters
  • Can be operated as a simple on/off controller, a PID controller with autotune or as a heat/cool controller with deadband for use with modulating motors/valves
  • Programmable profile of 3 steps is standard along with RS485-Modbus RTU serial communication and load
  • Monitors electric heater breaks with optional current transformer
  • Optional memory card allows all configurable parameters to be stored in the DRR245 without powering up, allowing easy replacement in the field
  • Can be issued pre-programmed with no need to reconfigure the instrument
  • Can be used with LABSOFTVIEW for Windows, a program that allows setting and monitoring of parameters on a PC


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