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Powersafe introduces new Powersafe Eco Tube

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The Eco Tube from Powersafe  is best described as a very efficient electronic transformer housed in an intrinsically safe flame retardant high-impact plastic extrusion, coupled to a T8 to T5 tube adaptor.

This configuration will allow immediate upgrade of existing magnetically ballasted 36W Fluorescent tubes to a more efficient T5 slimline tube.

This is a passive retro fit and does not require specialised knowledge, as simple as changing a standard fluorescent tube.

Powersafe Eco Tube is more efficient than normal magnetic ballasted 36 – 40 watt fluorescent tubes, resulting in lower energy use; therefore less damage is caused to the environment with carbon emissions.

The Powersafe Eco Tube does not require any specialised skills to install and is as simple as changing a standard fluorescent tube.

Eco Tube offers the opportunity to actively participate in helping reduce carbon emissions economically with the following features:

  • Economics – save money per year per tube.
  • Environment – Reductions of up to 60kg of co2 emission and 300lts of water per tube per year.
  • Installation – Simply remove the old tube-starter combination and replace with the Eco Tube, no electrician is required.
  • Reliable – the Eco Tube is intrinsically electrically safe and is supported by a two year unconditional warranty.

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