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Powersafe autotransformers power Japanese machining centres

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MACHINING centres and similar equipment imported from Japan generally require a 200V, 3 phase supply. The most efficient, reliable and cost effective way to provide this in Australia and in other countries with 400V-415V mains voltage is to install a Powersafe autotransformer between the building mains and the machine.

Powersafe specialises in the manufacture of autotransformers and isolation transformers for these applications.

Isolation transformers provide some operational advantages, but at a cost – with costly initial investment and ongoing operating dollars. A small number of imported machines are required to be powered by isolation transformers.

Powersafe can help clear up any confusion - a Powersafe transformer (auto or isolation) provides the best value.

Powersafe transformers are renowned for reliability, efficiency, quiet and cool operation and hassle free installation, and they represent the best value for money available, according to Powersafe Autotransformers.

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