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3-phase VSD output reactors

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POWERSAFE Magnetics offers a full range of 3-phase reactors with intrinsic protection from potentially damaging IGBT waveforms.

These reactors feature minimum losses and temperature rise, and minimum acoustic noise under adverse conditions; and extremely high dielectric strength and specially insulated end turns to safely operate at high values of dv/dt, peak voltage and switching frequency.

The reactors can be designed to act as part of a tuned series filter, which is formed when capacitors of correct value are connected.

In this form the reactor will provide optimum attenuation since inductance is maintained over all rated conditions, and series resistance is minimal.

The design of the reactors incorporates conservative values of flux density and current density, a superior grade of core steel, and rugged mechanical construction.

These factors help to ensure quiet, cool and reliable operation under all anticipated site conditions.

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