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York Precision Plastics uses Powerlift Nissan’s forklifts

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York Precision Plastics may not have much of a public profile but its products certainly do.

For example, York Precision Plastics manufactured the Acryllic Dome Harbourside, a key feature of the Darling Harbour complex and Sydney Airport utilises high impact extruded clear acrylic on the fascia of the international terminal.

York Precision Plastics manufactures prismatic lens panels, wraparound lighting diffusers, and a range of impact modified acrylic and engineering thermoplastic sheeting which are extensively used throughout the sign, fabrication, industrial, skylight and automotive industries.

York Precision Plastics' products are installed all over Australia as well being exported to New Zealand and China.

York Precision Plastics' manufacturing facility is in Riverwood, west of Sydney, and according to plant manager, David Searson forklifts play a crucial role in the facility.

“We’ve been operating this plant since 1982 and from the outset our forklifts have played a fundamental role in the business. We’ve been operating Nissans from day one as well as a couple of other brands,” said Searson, “but at the end of 2007 we leased a couple of new Nissans so all our gas trucks are the one brand”.

Performance, service and support were the key issues when the decision was made to go with Powerlift Nissan .

“We run a very tight operation here, there is no room for equipment failure or down time and that especially applies to the forklifts. Over many years we’ve been impressed with the constant performance of the Nissans and the service and support we receive,” said Searson.

“We rely on Powerlift Nissan to advise us of when services are due and the technician is always here on time, it’s very professional, the same can’t be said for some of the other suppliers that we’ve dealt with”.

“We operate two shifts at the plant so the forklifts are constantly operating for 17 hours a day and we work them pretty hard,” said Searson. “They handle raw material which can be in 800 kilo sacks, work in the warehouse or handle finished products which can be several meters long. So manoeuvrability and ease of operation are key issues for us”.

The operators are also pleased with the Nissans. Nissan’s LX series forklifts have been specifically designed to increase operator efficiency and safety and improve the work environment.

Exhaust emissions, fuel consumption, noise and vibration have all been reduced to new low levels.

York Precision Plastics operate three 2.5 tonne forklifts and a 1.8 tonne unit, all are LPG powered and fitted with catalytic converters. With this technology, fuel consumption is greatly improved, exhaust emissions are reduced even further; a key issue with forklifts operating in confined areas.

The LX series incorporates many advanced automotive technologies, providing a line of forklifts with superior speed and lifting power as well as greater reliability.

The LX series features Nissan’s ECCS (Electronic Concentrated Engine Controlled System), resulting in clean industrial vehicle engines. 

Nissan’s application of advanced automotive technologies is apparent in its Vehicle Control Module (VCM), which manages a variety of engine and transmission controls, safety and information functions to assist in increased safety and reduced downtime.

With operator safety in mind, a number of devices are fitted as standard on the LX series.

An anti-sway Roll Control System incorporates rubber dampers between the rear axles and body to provide exceptional lateral stability and help reduce the possibility of the truck tipping over.

A Mast Lock System automatically locks lifting and tilting operations when the operator leaves the seat, helping to prevent operators being caught in the mast and forks.

Other safety features include a convenient automobile-style parking brake, with a warning buzzer sounding when the operator leaves the seat without engaging the brake.

Operator comfort is another key design element of the LX series.

An automobile-style floating powertrain significantly reduces vibrations to the frame, ensuring longer and more comfortable hours of operations.

Noise levels have been reduced significantly, cutting operator fatigue and increasing his ability to hear the surrounding work environment.

A non-slip hand rest on the side of the seat and a lower floor height make it easier to enter and exit the forklift.

A Super Wide-View Mast on the LX series features outer chains and an extra wide opening between the inner masts for superior forward visibility, enhancing efficiency and safety of operations.

Other key features include:

  • Compact design, with a tighter turning radius than previous models
  • Single-lever control for simultaneous lifting and titling operations is optional
  • A smaller tilt adjustable power steering wheel, providing ideal driving positions
  • A forward/reverse lever, which swings through a smaller arc than previous models

“We’re really pleased with the new Nissans,” said Searson, “they are more fuel efficient and the operators love to drive them which is one of the most important issues. This factored in with the professional service and support we receive, we reckon Powerlift Nissan and the Nissan brand make for a really good package”.

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